NorthfieldDF & Company, Inc., is a real estate investment company founded in 2009 and owned by Dennis Frandsen. DF & Company’s main function is to manage real estate owned by various Frandsen entities, as well as assisting the banking entities of Frandsen Financial Corporation in managing their distressed and foreclosed bank properties. Assistance to the banks includes maintenance, management, and sale of the properties.

Currently DF & Company manages properties in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, and Arizona, most of which are offered for sale. These properties include residential and commercial properties, vacant land (both developed and raw land), lakeshore, and recreational acreage.


Corporate Office
5481 St. Croix Trail, Suite 200
North Branch, MN 55056 USA
Phone 651.242.5814
Fax 651.407.5650